About Me

I’m Jon Clement but my friends call me Buns

I love telling stories and helping connect people to the right situation. I love creating professional quality video and writing to help tell your story. Your story is everything to you and your organization. Trying to recruit the best employees or raising funds to allow you to reach your goals works best when you tell your story effectively. Video is now a requirement to put your best foot forward but the messages written on your website are also important. I can help you to add video and improve the messaging on your website and other print materials. Get in contact with me and let’s get your story told.

When I am not helping tell your stories, I am busy telling my own stories. Working with a strong team at The Bubble Productions, we produce shorts, mainly comedies, and have been very successful with multiple awards under our belts. I spend time playing with my cat, Bear, who is usually asleep on my arms or laying in his bed next to me. I am an avid trivia fan and enjoy good company.


Let’s Tell Your Story